Absorbable Antibiotic Bead Treatment for Osteomyelitis

Absorbable Antibiotic Bead Treatment for Osteomyelitis 

As medicine progresses, there are many innovative treatments developing that affect many patients’ lives. One such treatment is absorbable antibiotic bead treatment for osteomyelitis. This new treatment changes so much for patients diagnosed with osteomyelitis, and helps them avoid surgery and other invasive treatments that were always seen as necessary to cure this aggressive infection. 

Overview of Osteomyelitis

Osteomyelitis is the term for infection of the bone. This can happen anywhere in the body within the skeletal system. People who struggle with any kind of infection have a higher risk of developing osteomyelitis, as it spreads to the bone from other tissues. People who smoke or have chronic health conditions have a higher chance of contracting a bone infection. Before modern medicine, osteomyelitis was incurable and could only be treated through amputation. Now, this infection can be successfully treated through surgical intervention and antibiotics, including absorbable antibiotic bead treatment.   

Symptoms of Osteomyelitis

In less severe cases, bone infections can cause tenderness and swelling in the area, usually with pain and discomfort. In the early stages, this may possibly be treatable with antibiotics. Osteomyelitis can quickly worsen, leading to fever, chills, greater pain, and more visible swelling that is hot to the touch. In the worst cases, open, draining sores or wounds may develop over the affected areas, and the bone and surrounding tissues rapidly start to die. This is painful and would need immediate care and treatment. 

Absorbable Antibiotic Bead Treatment for Osteomyelitis

This new procedure is a more effective way to help cure osteomyelitis than traditional methods. Previously, procedures to cure this infection would essentially cut away infected and dead bone, then allow it to heal or add other bone grafts to assist the healing process. Oral antibiotics were not as effective because they would not be able to get to the affected area in a high enough concentration through the bloodstream. Antibiotic bead treatment is an effective and less invasive way to treat the afflicted area. This may not work for every situation, but there are many patients that have been cured or greatly helped through this treatment. 

Absorbable Antibiotic Bead Treatment for Osteomyelitis Procedure

This procedure is relatively simple. The patient usually will be completely sedated for the duration of the treatment. The surgeon will make an incision to access the affected area, where they will scrape away some of the dead and infected bone. Depending on the severity of the infection, this may be difficult. The surgeon then implants the antibiotic beads, which will break down over time into the wound. The bone should regrow and that growth will be facilitated by the antibiotic beads. This will help get rid of the infection that may linger as well. 

Absorbable Antibiotic Bead Treatment for Osteomyelitis Recovery

The recovery time for this procedure depends on the severity of the infection and on the health of the patient, as well as the location of the osteomyelitis. Some patients may need more than one procedure to ensure that the infection goes away and the bones have adequate antibiotics to assist in the new bone growth. This procedure is low risk, so many patients can have this treatment even with other chronic conditions. However, some doctors feel that administering this treatment too quickly can lead to the infection spreading or taking longer to heal. If there are any adverse effects, the doctor may decide to remove the antibiotic beads and try another treatment. The treatment may also be repeated in order to prevent the infection from spreading further. 

Osteomyelitis Treatment

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