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Hammer Toe

Hammer Toe Overview This condition is a deformity in which a toe bends downward at the middle joint. The second toe is the one most likely to be affected, but this deformity can occur in other toes as well. Sometimes, more than one toe is affected. Causes Hammer toe can be caused by certain types […]

Jones Fractures

Jones Fractures Overview This condition is a fracture of the foot’s fifth metatarsal, the bone that attaches to the base of the small toe. A Jones fracture refers only to a fracture that occurs at the proximal end of this bone – the end of the bone closest to the ankle. Causes Jones fractures are […]

MTP Synovitis (Capsulitis)

MTP Synovitis (Capsulitis) Overview This condition is a sharp or aching pain in the ball of the foot that is most often centered beneath the base of the second toe. This pain is an indication that the bone at the base of the toe, called the proximal phalanx, is beginning to separate from the long […]